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Subject:  Re: Strike....Finally! Date:  9/14/2012  9:28 PM
Author:  PuddinHead42 Number:  9732 of 9954

Apparently this the the Teachers(bashing board) I didn't see the fine print when I walked in.

So this thread started like this...
It is nice to see that some teachers are starting to fight back against the war being waged against them.

Not about teaching methods. not about the best way to educate our kids, but about "war". So do you not expect a counter argument or two.

Ishtar: I really, really would like to see you in a classroom.
Would I be allowed to have an opinion and debate with facts, or would I be declared a war-monger and sent to the corner?

Chicago teachers are at the front of the fight against a nationwide assault on all teachers.

So I was listening to NPR this morning, not Fox, they said the teacher strike was about 3 things:
1) pay
2) the spread of charter schools
3) teacher evaluation.

Ok, let's check out this "war".

1) Chicago teachers are asking for 30% over 4 years, or 7.5% a year. Rahm offered 16%, or 4% per year, which they declined. Who gets that? Who gets either one? My company gave an average raise of 1.5% this year, less last year. Last year they took away one day of holiday pay so they could avoid laying off people. I was fine with this trade off. I know the economy is terrible.

2) Charter Schools. Why be scared of them? Laptop makers are scared of the iPad, because it is better. Kodak was scared of Digital photograph because it make them obsolete. So why are public school teachers scared of charter school teachers?

3) Evaluation. Why is it bad to evaluate employees? I am evaluated every year. If you are a teacher, ask yourself if you are the best teacher in the school? If so, you are evaluating yourself and all others. If you think some other teachers are better, then you are still evaluating yourself and all others? How is this possible? Certainly you must think you are exactly the same as all other teachers. Why can't the union say, "evaluation is possible and here is our reasonable offer how to evaluate teachers"?

I really, really would like to see you in a classroom.
Ok, let's take this as "you don't know what it is like unless you tried".

True to an extent, but not relevant. As Ross Perot said, "you don't have to be a chicken to smell a bad egg" - Teachers are good, unions are bad eggs, I can smell that in Chicago and DC and other places.

I know nothing about engine repair, but I know there are great mechanics, good mechanics, and bad mechanics. Thinking all should not be paid equally or thinking it is nice to have Angie's list to help me find a good one is not the same as bashing.

As noted, I don't have anything against teachers and have several direct and in-law relatives in the the public school system (past and present). Why is it bashing to think a 30% guaranteed raise is crazy and abusive of the tax payers? Why is it bashing to say the firing of the teacher of the year because of seniority and tenure is worth disdain. Why can a really bad teacher with seniority be kept over a young teacher that is much, much better.
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