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Subject:  Re: Strike....Finally! Date:  9/14/2012  10:59 PM
Author:  PuddinHead42 Number:  9739 of 9953

But you have often come on here and talked about how "easy" teaching is (in your mind) and how easy teachers have it and, "Why don't the teachers just do THIS?" That's why I say I'd like to see you in a classroom.

This is a reasonable statement and I accept it. I have offered some naive ideas, but not condescendingly or maliciously (not that you say that). Acme indicates my ideas may be out of "ignorance" in next post. I am not a teacher, so am ignorant to that extent. Most teachers don't work in a merit based system, so they are "ignorant" to how that works.
I do try to teach and mentor newer employees, and while not nearly the same as teaching kids, I do have to deal with a variety of learning styles, skill levels, motivation levels and intelligent levels, so have to deal with a tiny bit.

I believe we need huge changes to the system, it is broken. In poor systems like here in DC the administration has been horrible, among many other things wrong (Spend more per student than any