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Subject:  Re: So How Do You Explain This? Date:  9/15/2012  7:52 AM
Author:  NigelGlitter Number:  23924 of 26626

The silly thing is someone so biased against the evidence at hand can act condescending with a straight face.

It's easy to be condescending.

We have a broken lamp, and household with kids and dogs. Perfectly reasonable to conjecture that a child, a dog, or both might be responsible for the broken lamp.

Unfortunately, in the case of creationism, you have a broken lamp, an office complex restricted exclusively to adults, and your trying to say the broken lamp is evidence of kids and dogs.

It doesn't work that way within intelligent circles. Any issues that ever arise from the mechanistic process will only lead to another mechanistic process and explanation until you can demonstrate and prove that some outside agent exists.

Forensics doesn't consider ghost or demons as possible suspects when someone is found dead within a securely locked structure, and science doesn't consider god excited a neutrino to faster than light speed when an experiment suggested one had. Physicists were ready to tear down all of Einsteins Theories and were excited about the prospect of having to come up with a new explanation for how the universe works.

What's silly is you continually stop by here and think that a potential problem with genetics or evolution proves god is at work. It never has and never will. Stop being lazy and riding the coattails of real science and prove god exists and is at work in the universe.

Yeah, I know. That would require some real brains and actual work. A tough road to hoe for anyone who was raised to believe exactly and only what they were told to believe.
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