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Subject:  Re: Interesting phone screen situation Date:  9/15/2012  1:02 PM
Author:  alstroemeria Number:  48960 of 49684

It is totally unacceptable to have a phone screen interview discussion with someone at a company who would be reporting to you if you were to be hired for the position. Make this absolutely clear to the Headhunder who first contacted you.

Also, if the company is unwilling to fund your travel expenses to make a physical visit and interview with the company, then you do not wnat to work for that company -- simple as that!!!

Kahuna, you typically had high-end jobs where such may be the norm, but most people don't and it isn't.

I've never been in mgt, but I've almost always interviewed candidates to be my manager, with one exception (when I happened not to be one of the employees selected for this duty--I usually was as I was a very good interviewer, took detailed notes, and could back up my opinion with facts, not just a feeling). I worked in software, a more open, egalitarian environment in general than most. Hiring managers typically did phone screens and brought the finalists in to interview with the rest of us, often including their boss squared (especially in the early days). When unemployment in your field is relatively high, there is little need to fly in/house candidates for worker-bee positions from elsewhere in the country.

Typically in my corner of the software biz (development of products sold to the public/other businesses, not in-house IT departments), 5-10 people did 30-minute interviews with some going longer. For my most important position--as lead editor, I was interviewed by 9 people (in person) in one day: every writer I'd be editing and the two managers I'd be working for. I didn't need to interview with my boss-squared (director of engineering) as she knew me already--we came from the same company, and she recommended me. Anyhow, I crawled into bed when I got home and asked the hubster to bring me comfort food ;-)
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