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Subject:  Re: Your Best Pal, Ben? Date:  9/16/2012  5:27 AM
Author:  howardgt Number:  34384 of 35877


It’s nice to exchange buy lists with you. Maybe we can both find a few more buy candidate from this. But first a few responses to your responses :)

The bets Taleb makes aren’t ‘highly leveraged’
I understand that Taleb does not risk much of his own capital, but as you say, he uses “out-of-the-money” options to obtain his leverage. I consider options a “highly-leveraged” derivative and this was what I was referring to.

But the problems are fiscal, and until spending is less than revenues, the economy will struggle, if not collapse.
Actually a struggling economy forces the Fed to keep interest rates low and consequently causes upward pressure on most financial markets. This is why I am prepared to follow the “don’t fight the fed” mantra. A collapse is a different story, but I’m betting against it for now.

But ‘everyone’ isn’t worried. Complacency is rampant. Even the gold bugs aren't as panicked as they should be.
I wasn’t talking about everyone. I read lots of doom-and-gloom scenarios... much more than past decades. Gold is close to it’s all time nominal high. I see lots of worry out there (Fiscal cliff, European crises, Iranian attack, etc).

Ok enough prophesying about the future... Here are my YTD purchases and returns so far:

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