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Subject:  Re: 1st Foods Date:  9/16/2012  9:18 AM
Author:  2gifts Number:  41919 of 42475

And any tips for training good behavior. At this point, I almost don't care if he eats it or not, I just want him to stop dumping his bowl on the floor

Don't give him the bowl. Give him a few pieces of food at a time, and if he purposely throws it on the floor, clear off his tray and declare the meal done. He will eventually learn that food is to be eaten and is not a toy and should not be thrown on the floor. You can start with all finger foods like cheerios, small bits of cheese, small pieces of pasta, fresh fruit and veggies that are cut into small bite size pieces etc. My kids tended to prefer raw veggies, but at 9 months, I don't know that your child would be able to chew them vs. choking on them, so I'd steam the veggies so they are edible.

When he does graduate to having foods in a bowl or on a plate without throwing them, I had great luck with things that stuck to the spoon so that the food wouldn't fall off as the kids are learning how to get the food onto the spoon and then the spoon into the mouth. Things like yogurt and pudding work well for this.

And even with just finger foods, I'd give him utensils to get used to even though he won't be doing much with them.

But I'd start with just not giving him things that are in a bowl or on a plate. I'd just put the food right on the high chair tray and aim for him to learn that this is food, and it is to be eaten. The rest will eventually follow.
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