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Subject:  Re: No Easy Day Date:  9/17/2012  11:50 PM
Author:  desertdaveataol Number:  661 of 803

There is no "color." If you read the book you understand that the glow is only visible through the special lenses the SEALSs use. So to the uninformed they would just look like detritus and waste. Now they know what they're for. Even better, they can acquire them and mark areas as "cleared" when they haven't actually been cleared. Nice job.

Are you seriously going to contend that the Pakistani government isn't going to read the labels/"CSI" examine the "detritus" left behind? This is basic stuff we're talking about here.

Also, are you going to seriously contend that al-Qaeda is going to keep a stash of glow sticks around all their HQ's to be tossed out doors when they think there's an attack underway.

As I (and No Easy Day) pointed out the OBL raid was little different from hundreds the special ops troops have carried out in the area since 9/11 so I kind'a think they knew all we're talking about here.

you'd know the author gave credit to the President and went out of his way several times to say the operation was the result of years of work so if you want to blame someone, blame Bush

There was much moaning about "Washington" and how long it takes to make a decision.

Which does not change the fact that the author gave credit to the President. And I do too. I've many issues with President Obama but authorizing the OBL raid isn't one of them. In fact I applaud his authorizing the OBL raid.

Had the raid gone awry, or worse, if Osama wasn't there, we would have seriously damaged any relationship with Pakistan which, for better or worse (mostly worse) we need for staging, air rights, transit rights and other things Afghanistan related.

And that would have damaged our relationship with Pakistan more than taking out OBL did; how?

I also note that "Mark" didn't mention that the original plan drawn up by the Pentagon had only two helos involved, and that Obama, himself, told them to put two more in "for backup."

Neither I nor "Mark" faulted the President for that. The President isn't an issue why do you feel the need to keep defending him?

The movie will be Hollywooded up with lots of superfluous special effects and stuntman antics. I haven't decided if I'm going to see it in a theater or wait for it to hit the History Channel.

Will Will Smith play the President?
Who'll play "Mark"?
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