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Subject:  Re: What Romney really thinks of the rest of us Date:  9/18/2012  2:55 PM
Author:  bjchip Number:  89918 of 91547

Well the gun nuts will vote as a block for Romney, though I would not characterize them as Republicans. If Obama got more than 3 votes from that mob it'd be grounds for a recount.

The bible-thumpers are not so uniform. He definitely did himself and them a disservice there.

Yet... one has only to look at the numbers relating to belief in "evolution" and "climate change" to glimpse the frightening future. As Jefferson? said... "I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just".

So, the characterization of "Republicans" isn't that far off IMO. At this point, any moderate who is still considering themselves a Republican has to be horrified. They would bolt if they could find an alternative that wasn't Democratic. The party has been hijacked by deranged dittoheads. Eisenhower or even Nixon would have been too far left for it.

It is no longer recognizable... supported and controlled by extremists and sustained by people who no longer know where else to turn.

...and the real sin is that the two parties are merely two faces of ONE party, the wealth party, which gets in no matter who gets elected, and has always been two-faced, and has been in control since Jekyll Island.
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