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Subject:  Re: Investing $5000 advice Date:  9/19/2012  2:29 PM
Author:  crikescrikes Number:  26199 of 29123

<<<I have $5000 that i dont need for the next 3-5 years. im in the military and just got back from deployment and the extra money i dont need right now . What is the best place to put it, to make the most profit on it ?>>>

I suggest using $200(?) for a one year Stock Advisor subscription - (read their money back guarantee). Your subscription allows access to ALL archived issues. Tom and David have a proven track record of beating the SP500 for several years, so in my opinion why even try to pick stocks on your own?

Then divide the remaining money equally to buy 5 stocks from the latest issue. Memorize the Rule of 72, and also remember that $1000 compound doubled just 10 times results in a million dollars (1000 to 2000 to 4000, etc.)

The rule of 72 is a formula that tells you how long your money will take to double. Several of Tom and David's stock picks increase at an average pace greater than 25%/year, So 72 divided by 25 = 2.9 years for your money to double.

Some of their stock picks have even doubled in less than 1 year!! (but don't expect it to... just be satisfied with 20-25% growth . Remember, the bank pays less than 1% per year, meaning your money would take 72 years for only one double! I don't suggest leaving your money in a savings account.)

If you start with $4000, and get lucky with picks that average over 20% per year, and you continue to add to your account each month, you may be a millionaire by the time you retire from the military!

I believe that Tom and David will soon rank among the greatest investors of all time, along with Lynch and Buffett!

Hit the home page button and start your (no risk, money back guarantee) subscription! Stock Advisor and patience will make you a millionaire.

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