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Subject:  Re: Prop 32 Date:  9/21/2012  4:09 PM
Author:  wecoguy Number:  12701 of 12907

First thought (as a former unionized employee with Boeing in CA) is "since when is a powerful union who can forcibly extract dues from its members in a compulsory fashion considered 'the little guy'?">/i>

Your impression that your dues were forcibly extracted is bogus for starters.. You agreed to be a Member, attended the meetings, volunteered to learn the Contract, right? Were a Shop Steward, right? Ran for an elected position, right? Attended Union Board meetings, right? Spoke up within those meetings, voted on Contracts, right? If not you remained uninformed, ignored all of it, but you sure liked the wages, Benefits, Vacation days, right? Blaming the Union for every problem sounds more like a management suit...

Being a Member gave you many rights, and every Steward, Executive Board member is duty bound, morally and legally to represent you. If not they re subject to legal actions.. They negotiated on your behalf, then, now, and in their earlier history for better working conditions, fair rules, as well as Benefits, Pensions, all of it...

Management on the other hand always will roll right over you if they can... If you never saw that, my condolences, you must have lived in a dream world...

NO on 32, they are out to screw EVERY Member, everywhere.. Just for their greed... How moral is that?


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