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Subject:  Re: Prop 32 Date:  9/21/2012  7:44 PM
Author:  RustyMath Number:  12702 of 12907

Being a Member gave you many rights, and every Steward, Executive Board member is duty bound, morally and legally to represent you.

Really? Let's just explore that bit of...well, I'll be generous and call it bit of puffery.

I 'm a member of the California Teacher's Association (CTA) and I am just flabbergasted that anyone would think I have been represented in any way, shape or form. See, I am a conservative which means I usually vote against the democratic candidate in elections in which I choose to vote. You would think, if indeed my views were represented by CTA, some of my nearly $1,000 of annual dues would find its way into conservative candidate's campaigns. Yet in the past 20 years out of more than $800 million in campaign contributions not a single dime has gone to a republican.
Oh sure, bribing candidates isn't CTA's only function, as weco points out they also "negotiated on your behalf, then, now, and in their earlier history for better working conditions, fair rules, as well as Benefits, Pensions, all of it... So let's see how successful CTA has been in negotiating on my behalf; I have not had a raise in six years - nothing, zip, zilch, in fact this year I've taken a pay cut due to 5 furlough days and the school district has threatened to impose another 30 furlough days if Brown's tax increases aren't passed in November. Yeah, that Union represents me: in the past 6 years I've seen $14 billion in cuts to programs that pay my salary, $11 billion in new taxes, my out of pocket health insurance costs have gone from $46 to $398 per month and now they want me to vote in another 3% increase to the sales tax all the while hoping I don't notice my annual dues are set to go up another 8%. My workload has nearly doubled because the district can no longer afford the administrators who used to spend most of their time insuring the school complies with stupid Ed Code rules passed by those same idiot legislators my union bribed to put in office! I see classrooms with 40 students and programs to help struggling students disappear because there is no money. Worst of all, I find myself defending my profession to parents, acquaintances, friends and even family because the education system in this state is one gigantic failure and any attempt to fix it is stopped dead by the union. Yep, that union works for me.

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