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Subject:  Re: Full Wingnut Meltdown Mode Date:  9/22/2012  9:35 AM
Author:  telegraph Number:  45561 of 116931

SP"I'll bet intercst takes all the tax deductions and credits he can get as a matter of routine."

"I certainly do. "


It's going to be fun to watch intercst write a check for nearly 100% more in taxes when Baracki raises the cap gains rate to 28%

LEt's see...that will be two or three less cruises a year for him.

His 'aftertax' portfolio value will shrink by another 20%......(what he would have if he had to liquidate it next year

Just think how many welfare weenies and queenies his new tax contributions will support under big government for all Baracki?

(probably just one or two....but heck, if we can get everyone one like intercst to support 2 welfare could raise the percentage of welfare weenies up to 70% of the population, with the other 30% of working and retired with nice nest eggs supporting them all!

Then wait till Baracki's and Fauxcahontas Warren, Hairy Reid, and Stretch Pelosi put in a Value Added Tax of 20% on intercsts 'luxury' cruises...maybe 25% for the 'luxury' category!

He'll be down to cruising on the $1 Staten Island Ferry!

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