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Subject:  Re: Wearing me down... Date:  9/22/2012  6:16 PM
Author:  IslandFoolin Number:  305988 of 312188

So if I'm reading this right, you are now freelancing as something? Will the move to NYC be to do more freelancing, or is it for a more traditional job?

I have no problem with the idea of people freelancing to make money, lots of people do it all the time and make a good living at it. I guess my question is that if you gave up a job to go freelance, is it not time to maybe go back to a job where you can depend on the paycheck? At least until you get the debt paid off?

Yes, you've read that right. I'm in the photo industry, have been for three years. It's a rather opaque industry to those not associated with any part of the production world. High-end commercial photography is freelance 9 gigs out of 10. It's just the nature of the beast.

Traditional jobs are out for me, save for extenuating circumstances that force a 9-5 upon me. The happiness/debt/job type ratios are still working in my favor. I'm happier now, in debt, than I was while working my "traditional" job.

My current debt is less a result of poor fiscal prudence, but, rather out of poor purchasing decisions when making initial asset purchases to get into photography (i.e. CC's instead of an SBA/Biz loan).

Good points though.
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