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Subject:  Re: Credit card debt Date:  9/23/2012  7:02 PM
Author:  aj485 Number:  305992 of 312189

I didn't 't even know about it because my spouse insists on paying all the bills and doesn't even show them to me.

Danger! Now that you know about the debt has your spouse begun to share the information with you? If you and your spouse are not working together (sharing information being only part of working together) on paying down your debt, you are likely to end up like people in a rowboat rowing in opposite directions - going in circles.

I am working on a plan to pay it off in the next years including working a second job.

Is your spouse supportive of your plan? The first way to show support of this plan would be for both of you to STOP using credit - including, but not limited to: credit cards, lines of credit, overdraft accounts, 90 days same as cash - basically anything where you don't take the money out of your pocket/checking acount and plunk it down for your purchase right then and there). If together, you cannot stop using credit, you are going to be trying to fill in the same hole that you are also trying to dig. That's a very ineffective way to resolve your problem.

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