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Subject:  Re: Spare a golden egg without killing the goose Date:  9/24/2012  3:22 PM
Author:  crikescrikes Number:  1233 of 1388

<<<reTweet that on the main Fool Twitter feed which has a couple more followers...about 347,000.>>>

I sure hope that out of 347,000, 4 Fools (or 200 Fools @ $20) will step up to help meet the goal.

For me, the timing of your interview with Scott Harrison - on the same week as the launch of Invest Better Day - was perfect. Being able to build a life changing water well from just a small percentage of my Foolish portfolio gains is a great way to get a message to new investors that long term investing can help change their own life, and someone else's.

Maybe on the 10th anniversary of Invest Better Day there will be many more Fools who reflect on a decade of market beating gains and decide to support a cause they believe in.

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