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Subject:  Re: Heath vs. weight Date:  9/24/2012  4:38 PM
Author:  legalwordwarrior Number:  57302 of 58808

Very interesting approach. And I agree that we should be eating for health, not just lower weight.

With the exception of the cereals and whole grains, it reads very similar to Paleo. Part of the Paleo approach is to cut down on inflammation. I will say that since I started following it more seriously, the pain in my left foot from plantar fasciitis, which had been dogging me since I healed from the stress fracture is greatly reduced. I was quite surprised and pleased when I got up this weekend and discovreed that my first few steps didn't hurt!

Recently, we've upped our fish consumption to at lest once a week, and we've added red, yellow and orange bell peppers to pretty much every dinner, either sauteed with onions, or just sliced and served on their own. Kale has also become a staple in our house.

No one has it all 100%, I firmly believe that