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Subject:  Re: PC, PS3 & Xbox360 Date:  9/25/2012  9:31 PM
Author:  csp Number:  34886 of 37097

I think the wide discrepancy between PS3 and the others is at least heavily influenced in this case by the fact that this is Mass Effect, which wasn't released on the PS3 until ME2 ... and then only well after the other platforms.

I know a few PS3'ers who haven't played any of the series because they couldn't play the first installment, which makes sense since I'm not sure I would have either. In my case, I played ME1 on Xbox and although I would have preferred to use either the PC or PS3 for the subsequent games, I didn't want to switch over since I'd lose my character history / bonuses, etc.

Still, these numbers made me curious so I did a quick search on Skyrim. Here's what I found (this is from shortly after release - 11/15/2011):

For those who don't want to click through, that's 59% Xbox, 27% PS3, and 14% PC. This really, really surprises me since I'd think if any cross-platform game is going to dominate on the PC, it would be a Bethesda title. One reason being that Bethesda games seem to be *significantly* better on the PC from my experience (and significantly atrocious on the PS3), which I can't say for most other cross-platform games I've played.

The other big selling point for playing Skyrim on the PC should be the ability to mod your game, but maybe not as many people do that as I think ... which is a missed opportunity IMO. I liked the game a lot when I was playing vanilla, but once I started modding it was so much more fun / interesting that I can't even quantify it. That experience made me go back and buy / re-play modded versions of F3 & F:NV as well and I had similar feelings there.
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