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Subject:  Re: PC, PS3 & Xbox360 Date:  9/26/2012  7:34 AM
Author:  EthylMercaptan Number:  34888 of 37100

The last console that I had was a SNES, so I am not much of an authority here. I would think that there are a core people, like myself, who just prefer playing on a PC. As the current generation of consoles ages, I also think that technology gap widens as cutting edge PCs continually get better and there is some trickle back to PC for the high end gaming experience and are willing to pay the higher price as well as have the technical knowledge to work with the PC.

The other big selling point for playing Skyrim on the PC should be the ability to mod your game, but maybe not as many people do that as I think ... which is a missed opportunity IMO. I liked the game a lot when I was playing vanilla, but once I started modding it was so much more fun / interesting that I can't even quantify it. That experience made me go back and buy / re-play modded versions of F3 & F:NV as well and I had similar feelings there.

This is one of the things that has really helped Bethesda in creating new games. What better way than to throw out a construction kit, let thousands of gamers experiment with mods and then see what a wide audience really like in their games; then take the best of those ideas and weave those into subsequent titles. One thing that struck me is how many changes from FO3 to FONV(Obsidian) came from mods that I really liked in FO3. Even some of the changes between Skyrim and Oblivion, I would have to believe were influenced by mods that people liked with Oblivion.

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