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Subject:  Re: PC, PS3 & Xbox360 Date:  9/26/2012  12:42 PM
Author:  dsbrady Number:  34890 of 37097

For those who don't want to click through, that's 59% Xbox, 27% PS3, and 14% PC. This really, really surprises me since I'd think if any cross-platform game is going to dominate on the PC, it would be a Bethesda title. One reason being that Bethesda games seem to be *significantly* better on the PC from my experience (and significantly atrocious on the PS3), which I can't say for most other cross-platform games I've played.

I suspect for most cross-platform games, the PC just isn't going to dominate. If a game comes out for the XBox 360 and I have an XBox 360, I can be fairly certain that the game is just going to work (assuming you have a Kinect if it's a Kinect game). For PC games, you have to pay a lot of attention to the system requirements and, potentially, buy upgrades for your machine (and, given how much laptops dominate sales now, many upgrades may not even be possible without buying a whole new machine). Add that to the fact that a console costs $200-$500 or so and most game-worthy rigs cost a lot more than that.

I'm certainly at the point where if a game is available on both PC and 360, and assuming it's not something that is really unplayable without using the mouse/keyboard combo, I'll choose the 360 every time.

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