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Subject:  Re: Dr. Dean in NYT Sunday Date:  9/26/2012  5:33 PM
Author:  ilmostro Number:  29904 of 32252

Depends on your definition of "high" ;)

One could be low carb, low fat, and still eat less than the minimum daily requirement of protein. Until they starved to death, at least. But that to my mind would not be a high protein diet.

We are talking about 2 different things. Enter your diet information into and it will come back saying your diet is xx% fat xx% carb and XX % protein.
It bases those percentages on the calories of each macronutrient. So say I eat 2500 calories a day and my diet is 70% fat it means that 1750 calories are coming from fat.

It has nothing to do with the total amount of calories. It is based on what percentage each macronutrient provides to those calories you consume.

A diet of nothing but celery may be low calorie but it is still considered a high carb diet since the vast majority of the calories consumed are carbs.

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