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Subject:  Re: Paul Otellini: Windows 8 'Not Ready' Date:  9/27/2012  9:10 AM
Author:  HMALETTER Number:  155912 of 157291

The real problem is MS keeps changing driver models every 2 OS versions and doesn't plan accordingly for the backlash. Don't blame the 3rd party developers for that or the lack of a decent early SDK or even these days for the lack of something like a driver emulation-translation layer (many of the drivers that lag or get orphaned are for lower performance devices yet valued ones - a form of VM where you didn't have to buy an old OS license is well withing MS's powers).

And if you want to be taken seriously don't infer it's about the developers that always just want more time - they do what they're told by managers and often are given cross purposes & impossible schedules. Managers steer the ship and sight the goals - developers pull & feather their oars at predicitable pace.

Not to belittle the hard work people put into the drivers.

What is so special about a given driver that they must be changed radically within the framework of a new OS? I'll give some neophyte perspective to this question. I'm sure some changes might be required, but do they require a whole new drawing board? Is there something within Microsoft's Windows developer routines that require the wheel to be reinvented each time?

Why is it that I have rarely had driver issues with OSX, and routinely added plug and play peripherals to even OS9 some 12 years ago? Why is it most everything works with my Macs, no matter the source, but I go through endless installations and searches when using W7? Not to say Macs don;t have these issues, sometimes they do.

But why spend billions developing and rolling out a new OS, only to have people worried about something as inelegant as drivers? Isn't this like rolling out a new car, only to find out there's a shortage of compatible batteries to start it? Or maybe the headlights don't all work?

For a monopoly industry that claims to have business and the world wrapped around the infrastructure, it continually seems like I need to go out and hire new people for the same job, over and over ;)
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