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Subject:  Re: XPost -- Just One Thing Date:  9/27/2012  9:27 AM
Author:  zoningfool Number:  57313 of 58808

I think you might need to go cold-turkey to conquer the addiction. It will be extremely difficult for the first 3 days, but the cravings subside. I saw on PBS the other day one of the regular diet guys (there's Joel Fuhrman, Dr. Stenger (sp?), Daniel Amen, and Neal Barnard) and one of them said it takes 2 weeks to kick the sugar habit.

You can't do this unless you don't have easy access to the stuff that's triggering you. So get rid of it and don't buy (or make) anymore. That's just some common-sense stuff. If you have co-workers that bring it in--just try to avoid the area where it's locate and if you see it, tell yourself that someone just sneezed all over it.

You need to replace the sugar with something else, though. I mean taking something you love away and not replacing it isn't going to work either. Try to think of something else you might enjoy that's not going to make you go hog wild. For me it's my homemade protein bars, but everyone is different--you need to find whatever works for you.