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Subject:  Thinking About Bond-Investing Date:  9/27/2012  2:10 PM
Author:  trader2012 Number:  34415 of 35928

Today quickly proved to be a waste of time for shopping. I ran some scan, just as I do every day the market is open. But I just couldn’t find an edge, and the best thing to do when you realize that is happening is to back away. You’ve got money in your pockets, just waiting to be spent. But if you’re having to force the trade, the trade isn’t worth doing. Instead, the far better thing is to step back and do some review. There’s an interesting post on TMF’s home page that is horribly mis-titled, “Should You Sell Everything? Here's How to Know”. The real value of Beyer’s post comes in the final paragraphs.

As I think back, I’d say 2003 was my best year of investing. No, it's not the year I put up my best numerical performance …Rather, it's the year I started thinking -- I mean really thinking -- about how I might sustainably beat the market.

Taking the time to figure out a process was important. I learned how to score myself and along the way developed basic buying and selling rules I still abide by. Sure, I've tuned my process over the past decade, but not so much that the investor I was then would find me unrecognizable today.

Which brings us back to the question posed in the headline. Should you s