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Subject:  Re: Bond Offers a YTM of 522.5%! Date:  9/28/2012  3:25 PM
Author:  trader2012 Number:  34418 of 36318

... wonder how long this current drought is going to last. i am already looking at individual corp floating rates as possibly the next trade.


Financial disaster is coming our way due to Bernanke's corrupting of the capital markets. (Like, what else is new, right? that a central banker would choose to depreciate his currency rather than end the good times for investors. Easy Al did it, and Helicopter Ben is following the same playbook.)

I'm absolutely sure what my next move will be, which is to get massively short just about anything. Nor am I worried about timing. The markets will ring a bell. They always do for them that haven't filled their ears with wax or blinded themselves so much they can't read a chart. But what I am having a hard time with is the exact set of rules by which I'm willing to trade.

I started on the project almost a year ago, but I haven't made much process for my keep being sucked back into buying bonds. (90 some new positions YTD.) I can either trade, or I can invest. But unless I go algo, I can't do both, for there being only so much time each day that I'm willing to devote to markets. But bonds have been so good to me that I'm reluctant to scale back my efforts to understand that market. Everyday, I see something new. Everyday, I find a new problem to explore. The puzzles are endless, even as profits have become harder to find. But in time, and likely before disaster strikes, I'll put something together, so that whatever I lose on the bond-side is more than offset by a new gig.

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