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Subject:  Re: Poll: 47% club Date:  9/28/2012  3:45 PM
Author:  friar1610 Number:  45643 of 117565

"hmmm...Interesting that most military members vote republican when their entire system is Socialist (housing allowance, food allowance, free healthcare and a salary no matter how much or how little a person works).

You can't convince them of that, no matter how hard you try. It's 100% true, of course, but that doesn't matter."

This is interesting. I'm retired military and I've often made that point to my fellow military types. Nobody agrees with me, of course. But I point out that:

- health care is taken care of and we generally all get more or less the same treatment regardless of rank;
- There are a number of equalizers. For example, the size of government house you get depends largely on the size of your family. (There are, of course, the junior enlisted, senior enlisted, officer neighborhoods but there is less difference between them than between the "working class" and professional/executive" neighborhoods in the civilian world.
- Salaries are compressed. That is, a colonel makes a lot more money than a private but the difference between their salaries is much less than between an assembly line worker in a civilian factory and the plant manager's.
- Although there is real competition and selectivity involved in progressing to the next higher rank (that competition being more intense and selective the higher one goes) the pay is based on factors like rank and time-in-service. The #1 best performing Major in a unit gets paid the same as the #5 average performing Major (assuming identical years of service.) Of course, the #1 Major is more likely to make Lieutenant Colonel.

Of course, the rigors of military life, especially during wartime and lengthy deployments, are such that it probably makes a lot of sense to have such a system so the guy working on the flight deck of an aircraft carrier during flight operations isn't distracted worrying about whether he can afford a prescription for his sick kid or whether the guy next to him got a bigger performance bonus last quarter. But I have always found it interesting (and a bit disturbing) that so many of my fellow military don't see themselves as being supported by a very robust "safety net" which they are reluctant to extend to others.


(Long time early REHP poster who abandoned TMF a long time ago in pursuit of sites more financial/retirement oriented with less political drivel. Sample a few threads back here every so often and this one just caught my eye.)
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