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Subject:  Re: Why blame anti-Islam film on Jews? Date:  9/28/2012  4:08 PM
Author:  maniladad Number:  22077 of 22782

Hi Elan, 
  "Have you ever seen Jews or Christians enraged by similar depictions against their religions?" First response: Some, but the majority aren't committed enough to do more than grumble. But Christians do bomb women's health clinics and kill health care providers because they believe on religious grounds that abortions are murder. Second: I think that there is another element than religion behind the rage. I'm not knowledgeable enough about the Middle East to know the reasons but I suspect it involves the perception of having been neglected and ignored, discriminated against and cheated by foreigners and foreign governments who, among other things, support oppressive regimes because of self-interest. Why else, they might reason, do the foreigners have so much when they have so little? Third, enraged and outraged are very different although not mutually exclusive states of mind. 
"Was the British embassy attacked and set on fire in response to this film which mocks Jesus?" (Life of Brian) First response: Guess I'm not a very good Christian. I thought Life of Brian was funny. Second: 'Brian' was about a man who specifically says he's not the Messiah. "Innocence of Muslims" shows a man who is specifically identified as Mohammed giving cunnilingus, making a donkey Muslim, abetting or committing sexual abuse of children and homosexual acts (I'm not sure about that last part; I just watched a