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Subject:  Re: FairTax Date:  9/28/2012  6:33 PM
Author:  ferjen Number:  116710 of 124480

I am forced to take exception to that remark. I freely admit that I am a professional tax preparer. However, I have no fear of losing my job with the FairTax. Frankly, I could probably get a different job with minimal problems, or simply start a different business. I am not a one-trick pony. I choose to prepare taxes because, frankly, I enjoy it.

It was a joke, hence the big LOL! at the end. Lighten up.

My objections to the FairTax are based on social equity. I believe that taxes should be paid by those that have the money to pay the taxes. The more money you have, the more taxes you should pay and the higher percentage of your income you should pay in tax.

Our current system is an attempt to tax i