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Subject:  Re: New sub Date:  9/30/2012  12:06 AM
Author:  MichaelRead Number:  9614 of 10687

Since I had the house to myself – Elly went shopping – I got to work on integrating the new sub with the room and the system. The objective was to integrate two subs: the new Velodyne Optimum-10 replacing the older PSB Subsonic 111 and with a second Velodyne already in place. The reasons for chosing ten-inch subs is because I feel that the next option – a 12-inch – isn’t needed in a 3,000 cu. ft listening room.

I first turned the amps down to it’s lowest volume thus keeping the subs live but not receiving anything and ran the sever-level parametric test (using the included mic). That done I turned up the sound and ran Yamaha’s YPAO sound check and learned thje new sub waas sset too low so I increased the YPAO setting and the sub’s internal volume control. Ran YPAO a second time and the new sub was in range. I set both subs to cross at 80 Hz.—all mains set the same.

I then ran some test discs with strong bass and found all this resulted in a weak bass: so I advanced the volume coming off the amp and that corrected it. If you are setting up a sub make sure it’s getting a strong enough feed off the amp – some subs, especially Velodyne, need a strong input to work best.

The older (must be more than ten years ago I got it) PSB Subsonic 111 was more designed as a bass extension in a 2.1 stereo system and, while it did have inputs directly connecting a line-out from an amp, LF signals seemed confused. I noticed this when I put the first-purchased Velodyne in combination with it and the Velodyne gave a cleaner LF than the Subsonic 111. For a while I had the Subsonic turned off because the single Velodyne covered bass and LF better. The reason I got the new Velodyne was I wanted stereo bass figuring since I could separate the amp’s LF into stereo I would get a better distributed bass.

That I believe I have. While subs are supposedly non-directional, I have found toeing them to the seating area does make a difference. I plan on finessing that later. I am not so sure placing a sub in a corner is preferable: mine stand about four feet from the nearest wall and I don’t get that boomy sound I used to get when the subs were placed closer to the room’s corners.

Now the system is mostly (I am sure I will tweak) now its media content testing time. This part I really like. Elly not so much because I play snippets and she get caught in content wondering why I am not. Therefore when I do this sort of thing I say, “Go shopping. You did say you were looking at blouses,” and off she goes.

I figure the cost of the amp is it’s price plus several blouses, at least a sweater or two, and a ‘pair of shoes I had to get’.

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