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Subject:  MEK/MKO Date:  9/30/2012  4:01 PM
Author:  trismus Number:  174813 of 177029

If a tiger told you it was a pu*sy cat would you believe it.
Our governments would.

MEK has more in common with Pol Pot's Kmere Rouge and Great Leader, Kim Il-sung's Nth Korea than anything we recognise as freedom.

Possibly the recognition of MEK as being no longer a terrorist group is another sop to Israel. Israel uses MEK to carry out 'terrorist' actions in Iran.

American taxpayers money was given to MEK, in part used for payment to Senators and other dignitaries to show support for MEK and give credibilty to it as an freedom fighter for Iranians.
Basically you paid to be conned!!

Iranians need MEK like a hole in the head.

This is MEK: