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Subject:  Re: More Tax payments for the 49% Date:  9/30/2012  7:31 PM
Author:  eatenbybears Number:  1819662 of 2210427

Explain how much a family of four with a household income of $47,000 you expect to pay in Federal Income Tax, and how much overall will it contribute?

That is not my call .... put them at 35% and I dont believe it will turn the fiscal disaster we are facing.

I guess that is what frustrates me. ...."Vote Obama" .... what difference does it make? The man ran us deeper into debt, created a stimulous plan that was more costly than the Iraq war and pushed through a health care plan before it was even written.

Romney .... he cant do any better ... the debt is to great, the unfunded programs are to great, the aged population is to great, the cost of healthcare is to great and past promises were to great.

We have crossed a line in the financial sand ....... you cant raise enough taxes to cover the expanding costs.

Consider how many tax payers it takes to create $1/2 a trillion dollars. Now, just take their contributions off the usable revenue list. Their contribution will go to paying the interest on the National Debt next year .... only for that ... and for that, we get nothing ... no jobs, no programs, no food ... no nothing

So how much should a person with a household income of $47,000 pay in taxes? Dont matter ... the question should be how much will he be required to pay .... dont believe it ... look at Spain, look at Greece, look at Eastern Europe .... and they are still not paying "enough" over there.

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