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Subject:  Re: Email For All Date:  10/1/2012  10:43 AM
Author:  tketola Number:  182029 of 194653

Hey Dan,,,

Well, it sounds to me that you already have all the pieces in place to Synchronize all your e-mail accounts. Your GMAIL Supports IMAP and Import mail and contacts as well as Add POP3 mail accounts you own, and your INebraska/ISP supports POP3, IMAP and Web-Based e-mail, as well as Domain-Name Support, support if you want it:

The Following Accounts Include:

E-Mail Account (POP3 / IMAP)
Personal Web Space
Full Usenet News Access
Individual Technical Support
Shell Account

So, you can keep all your Accounts as Separate Accounts, or you can Merge all the e-mails into a Single Account, using POP3 Import Mail functions, like in GMAIL Setting--->Accounts and Import--> Import mail and contacts and -->Add POP3 mail accounts you own. Then using IMAP to Synchronize to all your PCs, Devices.

You just need make sure IMAP is turned ON at INebraska/ISP and Google/GMAIL, and in all your Mail-Clients. If you don't have all the Accounts in all your email-clients, then you need to add them in, like the two GMAIL accounts, or just use a Single/Synchronized Account, if you combine them all via POP3.