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Subject:  Re: DNC predicts: Romney winning first debate Date:  10/1/2012  11:50 AM
Author:  Colovion Number:  646390 of 876422

It would be hilarious to see SNL do a skit where "Obama" says some completely off the wall stuff and the fact-checking talking heads (MST3K-style) give their thumbs up. Something like "I've created 80 billion jobs!" and the fact checkers say "Well, we can't disprove that so we say it's true!" Then "Romney" says something truthful (like the latest government unemployment numbers) and the fact checkers throw tomatoes at him and scream how he's lying. Or his name. Or that the sky is blue. Basically every time Romney takes a breath they scream "LIAR!" at him.

See, THAT is good satire! So of course we won't see it on SNL, lol! They could then poll the "audience" where 99 of the people raise their hand that they're Dems while one guy is a Republican then when the 99 raise their hands to say they're voting for 0bama say he's winning 99-1 in polls. Again this is the kind of satire that would exist if these things weren't run by outright leftist partisans.
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