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Subject:  Re: Obama's poker tells Date:  10/1/2012  5:49 PM
Author:  lowstudent Number:  646430 of 876067

When around a potential second or third Mormon wife, he smiles and looks at her cleavage.

Love the bigotry. Keep it up.

I love I told ya so's

This is another one I nailed while you and Vile and others defended him.

There is no such thing as a good liberal who is defending Obama at this point. In particular the brand that has endorsed the everything is Bush's fault meme are simply not good people you can not endorse anything that stupid as an informed person and forward that belief, it is impossible and has been for a while.

I am not defending him, he was wrong about a lot of things. But not any of them are the things that liberals want to nail him about. The things he was wrong about -- liberals to their great shame(if they had any) were more wrong about.

They have put a putz in the White House that has made Bush look good.
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