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Subject:  Re: The Church Invented Hell To Control People Date:  10/1/2012  5:56 PM
Author:  ariechert Number:  45682 of 117508

lindytoes posts, "Wow. I really like this man. He comes as close as any theologian to describing what I believe.
A Bishop Describes How The Church Invented Hell To Control People

"Just when I thought religion was a lost cause, I ran into this video starring Bishop John Shelby Spong of the Episcopal Church. Not only does he cut through the crap that has plagued mainstream religion for centuries, but Spong finds a way to frame God and religion in a way that doesn't doom you to eternal, fiery, damnation-a-plenty hell for sleeping in on Sundays."


That's pretty much what I believe and also I think some of it might be just how people react when talking to or dealing with non-believers. You know the old "Well... YOU CAN JUST GO TO HELL THEN!" I'm fairly certain how it got to be where it is. You get angry with someone because they are arguing with you and you get frustrated and you run out of things to say to convince them so you say "well if you don't believe me you're going to burn in hell."

It's because people couldn't think of a reason why we could be here other than as some kind of punishment. The idea of this life being some kind of school and where everyone learns what they are supposed to learn, holistically, and that the soul's lessons are embedded in our everyday lives and in actuality our whole Universe is little more than a holographic projection, which means it's an illusion, and so everything that happens here isn't much more real than a DVD of a movie or a play. We are actors playing our parts because the education of the soul is too important to leave up to chance and the lessons have to be emotional enough to evoke memories that will last forever.

We are simply spiritual beings having a physical experience. Here to experience time and space, duality and separation, and make memories of what it means and how it feels to live inside a physical body and live in a 3 dimensional and 1 time Universe.

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