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Subject:  Re: Obama's poker tells Date:  10/1/2012  6:49 PM
Author:  MichaelRead Number:  646441 of 875624

This President has four basic speaking styles:

Orator Suit and tie; stands behind lectern holding it with both hands; speaks in a measured cadence; body language is chin thrust foreword, little or no trunk movement but allows head movement to read teleprompter; when behind a desk there is little or no body movement; little or no face expression but stoic.

Informal Orator. Hustings style: shirt sleeves, no tie; speaks in longer sentences; body language is more fluid but never raises arms above elbow level; will allow trunk movement so to encompass the group’s width; will smile but only to improve a point; will allow occasional ums and aahs when explaining a concept.

Formal Interview Seated and poised forward; rarely allows an interruption; speaks in longer sentences as Informal Orator; body language is muted but gestures to emphasize a statement; will keep both feet on the floor but occasionally will cross legs especially when photographed with another.

Informal Interview Introduces many ums and aahs making it appear as if questions and interaction is fresh; will laugh; leans back in seat allowing arms to more outward movement; will cross legs when wanting to appear relaxed; sentences are shorter; will introduce a subject into the interview; when he wants to interview to end or the subject changed will shift position away from interviewer.

Tells: will never touch face but when minimalizing another’s position; rarely shrugs but when also minimalizing another’s position; changes speech cadence when a point needs explaining what is to him is complex to the average person; when he’s adding ums and aahs he believes this personalizes his point and is getting it across without using longer sentences.

In the debate look at how he stands and where he places his hands (the latter to prevent body movement that could be interpreted as defensive). He will not raise his hands above waist level if not holding onto the lectern. He will go overtime on explaining and will override time signals and, if called on it, will say the subject is not one that a short answer will suffice.

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