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Subject:  Prophecy is tough! Date:  10/2/2012  8:37 AM
Author:  JamesBrown Number:  410193 of 457005

The evangelical parachurch organization Focus on the Family has warned that if Obama wins the election, it will begin the end of freedom in America as we enter a new era of socialism. Obama will sweep in dangerous and horrifying legislation that disband the Boy Scouts, ban children from praying or even bringing their Bibles to school, and make the private ownership of firearms illegal. Focus on the Family has provided a helpful 16-page brochure[1] that spells out 34 predictions--all of them terrifying--that will take place if Obama wins the election.

There's just one problem. The election they were referring to took place four years ago, in 2008.

Now that Obama has had nearly four years to wreak havoc on the freedom-loving Americans he despises, how have FotF's 34 predictions panned out? Was home schooling made illegal except under certain strict requirements? Have the ranks of Al-Qaida swelled? Has Russia invaded Poland?

No, no, and no. In fact, by one blogger's count[2], all 34 of FotF's predictions failed to pan out, with one exception. Yes, Obama did indeed repeal Don't Ask Don't Tell in the U.S. military, but the results of that decision did not come to pass, including Christians being thrown out of the mil