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Subject:  Re: Planning for end Date:  10/2/2012  11:44 AM
Author:  dlbuffy Number:  119790 of 123238

Thanks, need to start figuring out what I am actually going to do. Sable's good and bad times are getting shorter and shorter.

(Stop reading here, or be subjected to my emotionally driven ramble.)

No-one (two vets) seems to know what it is, but a whole series of symptoms lead to him not being able to breathe normally.

He gets stressed, he starts panting, he starts panting and it spirals to where he is hunkered down, unwilling to move and sucking in wind. (Last time he actually appeared to lose some of his sight. He was not making eye contact and I figured out he was only tracking shadows and sound. Freaked me out.)

Treat him with some flourosimide (per vet) and things settle back down. Used to be good for some time, but now the turn arounds are much closer together. After a week of treatment I didn't dose him last night and he was panting again this morning.

Long list of symptoms for this 17yr old part of my life:
- Random occasional dry hacking: just over a year
- Apparent loss of voice/hoarsness: about two years or so
- Lowered kidney concentrating: per vet, about two years
- Stressed breathing difficulties: over a year
- Blood in urine: twice now (last time just blood)
- Heart murmur: per vet, over a year now
- Weight loss: over last few months very apparent

Symptoms he doesn't have:
- No protein or white blood cells in urine sample
- No masses or swelling the vets can palpate
- Appearance of normal bathroom usage/efforts
- Still shows interest in food (never actually tracked food intake)

My man is pretty old, but not super old. Just hoping to keep him comfortable and he is still all there in the head. As the breathing thing sets in, it is coming on quicker and building faster so..well I used to have a couple days to catch on to it. Last time I went to work he was fine, I got home he was in crouch still, suck in air mode already. (That was when the blood showed up, so always a stressor that seems to set off this cycle.)((Which is wonderful on a cat you have to shove pills down on regular basis. Suck.))

I love him, but we are not doing invasive exams and continual medical procedures on a 17yr old cat. Just want him to be as happy as I can keep him, but our time limit seems to be getting closer. (I know the irony of saying this as I have panicked about him so often in the past. Then everything turns out ok. So, maybe the fates are just messing with my head and he'll be around much longer. Heck Princess is also 17 and wondering what the fuss is all about.)
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