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Subject:  Re: Poll: retirement income Date:  10/2/2012  12:13 PM
Author:  alstroemeria Number:  45702 of 111621

I only worked 31 years (out of the 35 counted) for SS

I worked even fewer, 25 I think, as I was a SAHM for almost 10 years plus retired at 55. But the hubster has worked since he was 19...will be 45 years when he retires (yikes!). Perhaps you & I are the slackers Mitt refers to, tele ;-)

I took my SS at age 62 since I figure Obama and the drones will make it somehow 'means tested' which means I won't get most of it

I think conservatives are at least as likely to want means-testing as liberals. Means-testing will cause SS to lose the support of many upper-middle class workers and even some middle class. That's apt to doom the program, I suspect.

Anyway, I believe my SS benefit is safer under Democratic Administrations/Senates/Congresses than under GOP.

I'm still undecided about when to start collecting SS. I think we should apply next month if Gekko-Galt and GOP Congress & Senate are elected(!). Else sometime between turning 64 (next year) and 65.

and I get a teeny pension from GE, not inflation indexed...that started at age 60....for 13 years of service back in the 1970s

DH will also get a tiny pension from one of his corporate stints, and a larger but still small one from 10 years with the state. But the lege passed a law a few months ago restricting COLAs for state pensions to 1% a year.

the rest is what is spun off from my nest egg...Obama has gone a long way to kill off most of that with zero interest rates, 6-7% CDs ended and now you get 1.3% on a five year CD and 0.02% on a MMF

'Twas Bush who put Bernanke at the Fed in 2006. Just sayin' (yes, I know Obama reappointed him). Whoever's President next year can reappoint or get someone new. I expect Romney would want someone who'll maximize the benefit for the 0.01%. Anyway, I think it was good to keep rates low at the trough of the recession, but IMVHO rates should start to rise now or very soon. But maybe that's my interest income speaking.
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