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Subject:  Re: Poll: retirement income Date:  10/2/2012  12:13 PM
Author:  alstroemeria Number:  45702 of 73715

I only worked 31 years (out of the 35 counted) for SS

I worked even fewer, 25 I think, as I was a SAHM for almost 10 years plus retired at 55. But the hubster has worked since he was 19...will be 45 years when he retires (yikes!). Perhaps you & I are the slackers Mitt refers to, tele ;-)

I took my SS at age 62 since I figure Obama and the drones will make it somehow 'means tested' which means I won't get most of it

I think conservatives are at least as likely to want means-testing as liberals. Means-testing will cause SS to lose the support of many upper-middle class workers and even some middle class. That's apt to doom the program, I suspect.

Anyway, I believe my SS benefit is safer under Democratic Administrations/Senates/Congresses than under GOP.

I'm still undecided about when to start collecting SS. I think we should apply next month if Gekko-Galt and GOP Congress & Senate are elected(!). Else sometime between turning 64 (next year) and 65.

and I get a teeny pension from GE, not inflation indexed...that started at age 60....for 13 years of service back in the 1970s

DH will also get a tiny pension from one of his corporate stints, and a larger but still small one from 10 years with the state. But the lege passed a law a few months ag