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Subject:  Re: Poll: retirement income Date:  10/2/2012  1:15 PM
Author:  telegraph Number:  45711 of 116921

"I agree that's a problem for timid investors who hold mostly CDs. On the other hand, the stock market has nearly doubled under Obama's sure hand. For someone like me with an 85%-90% stock asset allocation, it's a welcome change from the Chickenhawk years of Bush and Cheney."

Actually, many pension plans have to hold a certain percentage (often large) in bonds and similar investment vehicles.

So, it is many investor classes being clobbered. TAxes in cities and towns are going up because the pension funds counted on 8 or9% return, and got 5 or 6% .......meaning hundreds of millions or billions of 'pension top offs' to fully fund the pension plans. Taxes up. Everywhere. And, of course, they are chopping benefits, eliminating COLAs...due to 'cheap money'.


Yeah..the stock market is up......but if you count what it has gained since 1999.....with hasn't done all that well!.....

Your bonds would have beaten the total gains over those years, right? in fact, my bonds are up a whole bunch......

And, in true 'bend the facts' style......if you take the horrendous drop from the financial crisis as your 'low point', it's easy to be up. How about from BEFORE THE CRASH? That's a different story.


intercst: $hit baby, we be raking it in, I'm gettin' two Eldorados.

Wait a year and Obama will promise to give you one for free.....

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