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Subject:  Re: Cardinal Carlo Martini Date:  10/2/2012  2:04 PM
Author:  bdhinton Number:  183148 of 198992

I believe rape is wrong under all circumstances. I believe killing your newborn is wrong under all circumstances. I believe killing your mate after voluntary sex is wrong. I believe that kicking the weakest out to starve and die is wrong. I can probably go on all day with a list of things I think are wrong.

What makes these things wrong?


My subjective opinion, of course.

More specifically, they are all inhumane. They are the use of power to inflict your will on the less powerful or unsuspecting. They are the infringement of someone else's personhood. But again, they are only wrong because *I* feel they should be.

I would choose to live in a society that agrees with me. We would then have a legal code that enforces those opinions. We would call them morals, because as a society we agree to them. But that's still just a societal construct. Of course I believe that MY moral code is the best one. So I would also try to make other societies conform to it. But I don't kid myself that this makes it objective morality.

Interesting. So it seems for you, morality boils down to subjective preference. Like one who prefers chocolate to vanilla, you prefer no rape to rape. "Morality" has no more meaning or weight than that.

I will say that you are at least consistent with an atheist view. I was beginning to think that you felt there was *really* something *wrong* with raping little girls. But as you explain, you don't delude yourself into thinking there is something objective about what you and your social group prefer.

Sure, you'd condemn any other group that promoted rape, but in your heart you'd know that they are just following what they think is best for them, and that makes it OK for them.

Do I have it right?
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