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Subject:  Re: New sub Date:  10/2/2012  3:42 PM
Author:  RocketsMomma Number:  9620 of 10687

I don't know why subs back in the '90s had amps but I doubt it was for ipods, I guess for crappier av receivers. You probably don't remember my amp is a 20 year old Sony whose circuits are dying one by one. Only thing it's got is a test tone to check that all 5 speakers are functioning. It also allows you to change the delay time between the front and surrounds from 15-30 ms. Have no idea what to do with that.

DH's chair is at the point of that triangle, lucky fool, mine is off to the side.

After adjusting my sub per Michael's suggestion I popped in "The Fellowship of the Ring" and boy does it sound good. I even felt the floor rumble when the music swelled. Can't wait to show DH when he gets home.

I also started puttering around the avsforum for the first time and learned something about my directv box so started trolling through its menus and discovered there was actually an on/off for dolby digital and it was set to off. I hate to think I've had this box for 2 years and wasn't getting dolby sound via satellite till last night!

I need to hang my head in shame or at the very least pound it against the wall.

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