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Subject:  Re: Yet another Java flaw Date:  10/2/2012  4:28 PM
Author:  ptheland Number:  182039 of 197858

Thanks for the additional insights. I'm an admitted amateur at this stuff, although I'm trying to learn more.

And with Java, you're giving access to some random web site designer to do an awful lot of things on your computer.
And this is different from .NET, PHP, ASP, VB, Flash, and HTML5 how, exactly?

I suppose it's not much different at all. But it is different from, say, installing Office or a game or some utility. With those, you know you're installing a program and have some idea of who wrote it and, presumably, you trust them. With these web-based programs, you have no idea what's going on. (Although doesn't ASP run on the server side and not on the client computer?) You're turning over your computer to some unknown programmer. And you may not even realize that you're doing so.

Programmers *SUCK* at detecting and handling errors,

Really? I've only taken a couple of programming classes (mainly in that venerable BASIC, and a great many moons ago), and handling errors was one of the few things I took away from the class. Maybe I was lucky in the instruction I received.

Still, if they're not doing a good job of handling error situations, that creates the opportunities the black hats are exploiting.

All that said, whether or not Java belongs on the web *IS* a legitimate question. Personally, I don't think it does. ... Pick the right tool for the job. If you don't need the broadsword, then by all means leave it home and just carry a dagger instead!

Perhaps that gets to the action item for us mere mortals. If you refuse to use Java, you may have to use other ways of accomplishing something on the web. If that means you are calling customer service instead of handling it on a company's web site, you're making a statement to the company that their web site is not doing what you need it to do. Call my glasses rose-colored if you wish, but if enough people do that often enough, the company may change their web site to work without Java.

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