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Subject:  Re: Cardinal Carlo Martini Date:  10/2/2012  6:03 PM
Author:  Frydaze1 Number:  183165 of 198995

Sure, you condemn any others that promote rape, but in your heart you know that if you discovered that the authority preferred the rape of little girls, that would make it OK.

Do I have it right?

Actually, yes. In our prior discussion of morality and rape on this board (since almost any discussion of morality seems to focus on rape) it was determined categorically that if God commands it, it is moral by definition. The only immorality would be in not doing as God commands.

So, yes, if God told him to rape a little girl he would do it and be proud of his moral act.

Reading your post from a non-theist's perspective, it was awesome. A perfect mirror to show how ridiculous his post was. Unfortunately, from a theist's perspective I'm afraid the "Yes, the authority figure defines morality" view is going to destroy your point.

But *dang* I enjoyed reading it.

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