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Subject:  Re: Cardinal Carlo Martini Date:  10/2/2012  9:56 PM
Author:  bdhinton Number:  183170 of 199074


There is nothing in the bible against raping little girls. Yet you believe it is wrong. If you believe that god is the source of all morality, and the bible is the only written guide to the mind of god, then you have ZERO basis for thinking that raping little girls is wrong.

One of the things I wanted to address when I had more time...

I can hardly believe you are serious about this. Assuming you are, you are very wrong about this, as there are several lines of argument from the Bible against rape:

1. sex is reserved for a man and woman inside a marriage. The Bible assumes the fact that the woman is old enough to marry. That would make sex with an under-aged girl immoral, one who is not old enough to marry.

2. Deut. 22:28ff makes it clear that rape was considered immoral in the OT.

3. Jesus and The Golden Rule: I would not want to be raped, so it would be wrong to rape someone else.

4. Jesus on the greatest commandments: #2 is love your neighbor as yourself.

5. Fornication, having sex with someone you're not married to, is immoral.

6. Lev 18:6 "Do not have sexual relations with a close relative" This would cover girls who are related to you, consensual or not

I'd argue also that some things would have just been unimaginably evil, even in the eyes of the ancient Hebrews. Raping little girls has to be near the top of the list.
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