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Subject:  Re: Harry Reid is dangerously stupid. Date:  10/3/2012  8:59 AM
Author:  Colovion Number:  646695 of 875604

He's playing semantics of course. The fact that the finances of SS are set to implode like the ponzi scheme it is in the next decade or two and it will either have to be bailed out by the Treasury or a lot of lemmings who depend upon it will be up a creek without a paddle doesn't mean it has affected the deficit thus far, so technically he's correct so long as you ignore the inevitable unless drastic changes are made. Reid is like the anti-market... never look forward, always look back and make claims only on what has happened, not what is sure to happen.

Unfortunately people tend to buy into this kind of "magical thinking" rather than face a scary reality. It's human nature. "Nothing bad has happened yet, maybe if we ignore it then it'll go away!" Uh... good luck with that. Math doesn't lie, and the numbers going forward are disasterous, especially if you're like me and in your mid-30's (or younger). I frankly don't expect to collect a dime from Social Security regardless of how long I live. What are they going to pay me with?!? Given the situation even if they DID give me money it would be worthless as they'd have to print it like mad leading to hyper-inflation. I just watch that money burn away from each paycheck, kissing it good-bye forever and rueing the day Social Security was created.
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