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Subject:  Re: Cardinal Carlo Martini Date:  10/3/2012  10:26 AM
Author:  AngelMay Number:  183181 of 199101

I don't think it is valid to compare Frydaze's moral preference (or any human, not picking on her) with God. It is not just any authority. It is the holy, just, loving, and perfectly good Creator of the universe.

It's fascinating to me to hear a grown man (presumably educated) speak like this. I find myself asking: How do you know this?

Knowing something is more than just reading it in a book - any book.
And your description leads one to envision a man. With arms and legs. And sexual organs. Maybe a beard - as daVinci envisioned "him."

You constantly refer to "him" as "He" - which implies with no doubt whatsoever that this "him" is male. To be male you must have sexual organs.

And, to be omnipotent - as you claim your god to be - you must be able to make a square circle. Can your god make a square circle? It's a legitimate question - especially given all the other marvelous things you say "he" can do.

I find myself wondering how an adult human can buy into these beliefs (which defy all logic) and, with a straight face, propose the same to others who value their mind and reasoning ability. When someone approaches me with this kind of thing, I find that my brow wrinkles as my brain switches into high gear trying to make sense - any kind of sense - out of what they are saying.

From where I sit - not much different physically from where anyone else in the US sits (house, chair, desk, computer) - I can see no evidence of a god that can't be explained by natural occurrences.

People are starving in this world. People pray to their god and still die of cancer. People go to church and put money in the bowl while the power company cuts off their power. People win the lottery after praying. People win the lottery having never prayed a day in their lives. People drown in the ocean. People are saved from drowning in the ocean (usually by other people).

All the "evidence" for god is the same as the evidence for random, natural occurrences. There is no difference. And if there is no difference, there is no reason whatsoever to assume this fantastical god to whom you are supposed to bow in reverence and who allows people to starve in this world.

The whole idea of grown people with brains believing this stuff is just so ludicrous as to be almost comic. Only it isn't funny. It's probably the greatest human tragedy ever known.

...sorry if I'm overstepping here... but it is what it is. Reality and I are on very good terms.
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