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Subject:  Re: Poll: retirement income Date:  10/3/2012  10:30 AM
Author:  telegraph Number:  45742 of 73669

"I can't remember who posted it but I seem to recall a post that said something to the effect that a large number of retirees living in Florida were living pretty much on social security? Maybe they meant like married couples with two social security checks?

I saw a fairly nice modest mobile home in Florida in a retirement village for like $20,000 plus a $450/month lot fee. If you got a swimming pool, game room, other old folks to talk to, it might not be so bad. "


My parents had a 800 sq foot manufactured home in Briny Breezes. IT sold for 40K in 2000 after my mom died. At the time it was about 12 years old in nice shape.

IT costs about $6500 a year to live there....3500 to the 'park' to maintain all the roads and they cut the trees down and cleaned up ...the had a heated pool.....rec center /auditorium, 3 club buildings with big wood shop, an 'ocean house' right on the atlantic, you could rent a boat slip if you wanted a boat - they were between the ocean and the intercoastal. the $3500 included police protection, taxes, etc.

Add it about 2000 a year for insurance (home and flood insurance).....

Utlities in the fall/winter/spring were low.....

you really didn't need a car other than for grocery shopping or doc mom drove 600 miles a winter......

the cable was included in your 3500 a year park fee.

You could,