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Subject:  Re: Cardinal Carlo Martini Date:  10/3/2012  12:04 PM
Author:  AngelMay Number:  183187 of 199080

I don't have an agenda to convert people who don't want to be.


Neither do I.
But I am a thinking human being.
And I don't ignore the questions that pop up.
I asked legitimate questions.
How do you know god is a "he"?
Does he have male sexual organs?
"He" implies gender. Or does it not imply anything at all in the Christian world? I'm asking.

Can your god make a square circle?
If he can, great. I'd love to see one.
If he cannot, then how is it that you can call him omnipotent?

Why does "he" allow people to starve and die all manner of horrible deaths? How is his lack of action any different from random natural occurrences?

These are all legitimate questions.
Whether or not one is seeking to be "converted", questions deserve answers.

I can go to Wiki or other learned tomes to find out why wasps are shaped the way they are and why and how they do the things they do.

But I can only come to believers that have defined their god in such a way that my brain cannot accept it for answers to why their definitions don't seem to hold up in the light of reason.

You can't ask human beings to simply stop thinking when you are presenting a religion to them which demands answers to valid questions.

Just because you cannot come up with answers that make any sense doesn't mean the person asking the questions did it to harass you or embarrass you. It simply means the person asking the questions is seeking sensible answers.

If you expect me to throw away all reason and stop thinking, I cannot do that. I wouldn't ask the same of you. And I don't dislike you if you have questions about Atheism.

Unfortunately for you, Atheism is very simple to explain and understand. Individual Atheists, however, are individually every bit as complicated as anyone else.

Asking questions is valid.
Getting angry that they were asked is not.
(I'm not saying your post was angry - but it didn't sound as if you were going to invite me home for tea. :)

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