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Subject:  Russell Wilson at the quarter-pole Date:  10/3/2012  1:27 PM
Author:  n8larson Number:  92656 of 105017

The reaction here in the upper left appears to be somewhat mixed on whether it's Matt Flynn's turn to lead Seattle's offense. I'm a little more in the Flynn camp, but there's a good Wilson case here from Dave Boling at the TNT:

Boling raises some good points. This one was spot on, and matched my thought exactly:

Before training camp started, I thought Flynn would be the starting quarterback and the Seahawks would be 2-2 at this point with wins over Arizona and St. Louis, and losses to Dallas and Green Bay.

Of course, due in part to Seattle's remote nature (they don't call us "South Alaska" for nothing), they generally play better at home, and this year is no exception. Both wins are at home, both losses on the road. And of course, Arizona isn't who we thought they were. As Warren Moon pointed out in a recent radio interview, Wilson has had Seattle in the game at the end with a final drive to the end zone in every game but the Dallas win, so it's not like they're getting blown out. Wilson, says Captain Sunshine (Pete Carroll), is "not far off from being really, really successful.”

There’s been so much talk about Wilson’s lack of height that it has obscured the reality that he’s more lacking in experience. He’s a rookie. He makes rookie mistakes and it’s to be expected if you decide to start one.

Boling points out that Wilson's done better than Matt Hasselbeck did in his first few starts (in 2001, 51% completions, 2/5), but he also makes a key point: "The thing you have to consider when deciding the worth of weathering the learning curve of a young quarterback is if you’re certain you’ll come out the other side with a winner." It's not whether he's winning every game now, it's whether he's developing, improving, and growing into the offense.

Like probably half of the picks in the NFL these days, none of Wilson's 3 interceptions in St. Louis were his fault (arm hit as he threw, Doug Baldwin's 'no really, you take it' drop, and the receiver falling down while the ball was in the air on the would-be end-game comeback drive). He's been making rookie mistakes, but his youth has been generally lost amid the height discussions and Gruden's shameless man-crush.

Eventually, as many are now saying, you need to take the wraps off and let Wilson throw the ball. He has enough good receivers to be successful, and if he can get out of the pocket more (on purpose) and do a little less thinking and a little more playing to his instincts like he did in the pre-season, we'll get a better idea whether he's the Next Drew Brees or the Next Doug Flutie (who is at least a couple of inches short of his listed 5'10", by the way).

-n8 (next up: at Carolina)
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