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Subject:  Re: Not A Dog Whistle, A Dog Siren Date:  10/3/2012  1:51 PM
Author:  telegraph Number:  646757 of 794656

" Obama's June 2007 speech was well covered by:"


All they did was pick up the 'blame bush' and 'he didn't do enough for the blacks'....blah blah...

Solid 'class warfae'.

Of course, we could talk about the incompetence of government bureaucrats..who ordered 100 million of temporary housing units that all had to be scrapped due to toxic plywood in them....duh!...

or the incompetence of the dem government in both New Orleans to be the least bit prepared...or the state to react.......

What? We're all supposed to 'chip in' and rebuild all the houses with our tax money when folks had no insurance? when they lived 17 feet below sea level? Where their stupid government allowed that to happen?

And the rant about NYC...oh, wow....let's see...all of about 500 people likely lost their 'residence' in the trade center attack...... but 10,000 businesses were put out of business....and needed some assistance...which they paid back in taxes, no doubt....and in income tax from people getting back to work.

It takes a functional local government to make things work, and match funds, and actually get